ZAPOCALYPSE: Pathogen (Book 1)

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ISBN: 9781457534355
280 pages

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Science is a wondrous thing; diligent adherence to scientific principles has led the world into a new age of information, healing, and knowledge of our universe. However, sometimes science is subject to another law—that of unintended consequences. Such is the case when a genetic therapy breakthrough binds with the feline herpes virus. Instead of curing millions of organ failure, it unleashes the unthinkable—the zombie apocalypse.


About Carol Lynski

I have created stories since before I was old enough to write, but only since 2012 have I worked to complete and polish a manuscript for publication. I grew up loving horror, science fiction, and fantasy books and films. Growing up asthmatic in the 1970s, there were few medications for an attack except injections of epinephrine. My parents discovered that if I watched something scary, my own adrenaline could sometimes break the attack and prevent an expensive trip to the emergency room.



Maria rushed through the alley made by cages, wiping up all matter of debris where she sprayed, while the ill-appearing cats watched her with empty eyes. She hated double duty. Unlike Justo, Maria took her position seriously. There were bigger and better things coming than being a research assistant. Justo did what needed to be done and no more, leaving her this mess on his day off after her weekend.


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